Sunday, 31 March 2013

GCS Potters Bazaar - March 22nd: Reflections

Managed to sell 5 pieces. Actually 4 were snapped up before the Bazaar from Hazel's (GCS director) contacts. So only 1 was sold during the Bazaar itself. My first time participating in the Bazaar so it was not too bad. Maybe the price point was too high for the type of crowd. The crowd consisted mostly of other potters interested in knowing some of the techniques used.

My setup. Had too many items so some had to go under the table.

Did not have time to get my business card printed so made my own tag/business card. The red logo is the abbreviation of my name OSL. Interestingly someone at GCS mentioned that it looks like a electronic circuit which links to my engineering background.

The piece that attracted the most attention was the marbled plate. Coincidently one of the 4 pieces sold before the Bazaar was also a marbled pot pictured below. Unlike the plate which was slabbed, this vase was coiled. It now sits in the office of a certain art collector. This was my favorite creation thus far.

The Bazaar gave me an opportunity to meet people, talk about my work and also gave me an insight to what people like. It also made me realize that what I thought would be popular was not so. In fact my earlier works attracted more attention which broke my perception that they were less marketable. This gave me the affirmation to return to what I liked to do in the first place.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

GCS Potters Bazaar - March 22nd

On Friday March 22nd, I will be selling some of my works at the Goodman Ceramics Studio (GCS). I have placed some pictures of my collection for sale on Instagram. My hashtag is #ongceramics but you can see my Instagram gallery displayed on the homepage of this blog.
Thanks to all the likes from the Instagram community.
Click HERE to find out more information on the Bazaar.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Experiment 1 - speckles on white clay

Someone at GCS studio wanted know how to make defined colored "speckles" on white clay. So I thought I would have a go.


Carved out grooves in body at leather hard stage which is then filled with terracotta clay. Compressed terracotta into body with wooden tool on the wheel followed by some trimming.


Some sanding and burnishing when bone dry. Have to use finer sand paper next time.


Bisque, sanded and glazed on the inside and lip.

Finally out of the kiln. Thought that the results were pretty neat. The black specks near the mouth is sand I got from beach in Taiwan.

However it crack in the kiln. No idea why.